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Black Whiskey are well known for their hard hitting live shows.
Energy is the foundation of their great sound, venue filling riffs, hard rock edge and melodic power.

~ Rock Vocals, Booming Bass Lines, Pounding Drums and Catchy Rockin Guitar Riffs ~


Alan, Dan, Will & Mark are Black Whiskey, Brisbane’s ultimate Rock 
band, bringing the good old straight up rock we love.

Black Whiskey deliver you an energetic collection of tracks that instil your faith that the
Aussie Rock Scene lives on.


Aired on radio stations across the globe.
Black Whiskey is set to become the word on the lips of both old rockers & new rockers alike.

On the Touring Scene this band has supported a myriad of Local & International heavy weights !

It is not hard to see why Black Whiskey have a solid and quickly growing fan base.


Tight performances and an amazing wall of sound are delivered at every live performance, getting the crowd moving.

The comradery between these great mates shows in their dedication to each other,
the band and their fans by bringing their best to every track and every gig.


Their current single “Wild & Free’ is taking Australia and the world by storm.

This smash hit track 'Wild & Free' is now available on their much anticipated  EP.

The New Track ... 'Down' is lighting up the airwaves & reigniting the swell of Aussie Rock currently permeating the entire globe.  

Black Whiskey are squarely aimed at the fans who still believe that rock will take over the world, and who’s to say they are wrong ?.

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