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Black Whiskey deliver the message that the Aussie Rock Scene shines on. 


The powerful wall of sound from this rock group have quickly amassed a legion of Black Whiskey fans.


A pure professional rock sound that has won them a following of fans and generated plenty of music industry hype.

On the Touring Scene, this band has supported a myriad of Local, National & International heavy weights !

Americas Stryper, International sleaze kings - Faster Pussycat, The Iron Maidens, Electric Mary

The Poor, Falling Doves (USA) and Sisters Doll, just to name a few.


Heavily influenced by the Aussie, US and UK rock scenes alike, Black Whiskey deliver  straight up rock. From the opening riff of “Whiskey & Rock n Roll” to the Rock Anthem of “Wild & Free”, audiences are reminded that the Australian Rock scene lives on.

Consistent great reviews & exhilarating live shows have made Black Whiskey the new name on the lips of classic rockers & the next generation of rock aficionados.

The EP  'REBEL' received great reviews prior to the official release and the new album in the making will storm onto the Australian & International scene in the same fashion.

Tight performances and an amazing wall of sound are delivered at every live performance, getting the crowd moving. If you like it a little old school, loud, melodic, original but distinctly Australian & definitely rockin' - then this band Will Not Disappoint  !


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black whiskey space
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